“Self-Love” Candles


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Ruby’s Daughter’s “Self-Love” Candle will help set the mood for Loving on you! We believe that it all starts with the love of self! We have two versions of this candle. One variation of the candle comes with carnelian stones (masculine) and the other comes with a rose and carnelian stones (feminine). All of our candles are made of soy wax with the added scents of citrus, sandlewood, amber, dark musk, cedar and garnet gemstones. Remember to use the gemstones for your journey.

“Carnelian” stones are used for confidence, empowerment, courage, physical vitality, and willpower. This fiery red and orange stone emanates a warm energy that sparks courage, confidence, and strength.

“Garnet” helps to promote grounding, loving, health, energy and passion. The stone of devotion to other’s, to self, and to one’s aim. Awakens the “inner fire” of creativity. Provides regeneration of balance. Draws negativity away from the chakras. Inspires love and passion. Attracts good luck. Protection from toxins, depression, anemia and disorder.

“Roses” – Red: Love, Beauty, Courage, Respect and Passion.
“Glitter”- Helps to magnify your request.

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Michelle Hardy is a successful coach and entrepreneur who finds great joy in helping others discover their authentic selves and their true purpose in life. In each person that she encounters, she helps them draw on that potential. She believes that we are all keepers of one another and that we should reach out to our fellow human beings to help them get to their next level. She knows that if she could succeed in life that she can help others achieve success in their lives. She is a “Servant Leader/Change Agent” within the community. She utilizes a variety of traditional and non-traditional training methods to draw on their trials and tribulations as a launching pad to enhance their existing skills or build new ones. She serves as a Leader, but in a different way which is through the responsibility in growth and development of individuals and teams. Michelle is the mother of three beautiful girls ages 35, 32 and 14. She has successfully mentored and encouraged others over 30+ years.

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