Are You an Outlaw?

I know that when you read the title, “Are you an outlaw,” you automatically said, “What is she talking about?” “An outlaw of what? No, I’m not an outlaw because I don’t do outlaw type stuff!” By definition, an outlaw is someone who “excluded from the benefit of protection, a lawless person or a fugitive from the law, a person or organization under a ban or restriction,” or “one that is unconventional or rebellious.” ( (2020). Merriam-Webster Incorporated.).

Well, I’m not talking about you doing anything illegal. I’m talking about you marching to the beat of your own drum. I’m talking about you going against the grain and moving away from the status quo. To do something different so you can get something different, setting your curiosity on fire about the possibilities that lay ahead. To me, it is like finding a hidden treasure where you never expected it to be.

When I was growing up, I got hooked on watching Westerns on Sunday, especially during the fall and winter, when watching television seemed better because the leaves were falling off the trees. Truthfully, where was I going to in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania?  It was cold, and it snowed, and we got a lot of snow during the winter. During those times, I watched Westerns. Westerns has your good and bad cowboys, but everyone once in a while, you would have a few cowboys that were in a class on their own.

The boots, belts, and hats were always on point! What I remember the most was that they were loners. They didn’t necessarily go around starting trouble, but they finished it. They would ride in on their horses, look around town, and try to settle in before someone would come along and stir up trouble. They let curiosity take over by exploring and trusting their instincts. Truthfully, some of them were outlaws.

An outlaw is defined as “someone who “excluded from the benefit of protection, a lawless person or a fugitive from the law, a person or organization under a ban or restriction,” or “one that is unconventional or rebellious.” (( (2020). Merriam-Webster Incorporated.)) In this case, I’m referring to the outlaw that is unconventional in his or her approach to the world. An archetype is what we might refer to as a prototype, or “an original model” (( (2020). Merriam-Webster Incorporated.)). According to, there are 12 archetypes, and to find out more about them, you can go to)  According to my quiz, I’m an outlaw archetype. As an outlaw archetype, I possess some of the following characteristics:

– Unconventional or rebellious.

– Collective unconsciousness.

–  Serve to organize, direct, and inform human thought and behavior.

– Gives powerful life-changing information that can help you find your calling and your purpose.

– Determined to improve the status quo; sees what others don’t and is dedicated to changing the world for the better.

So, why is it essential for you to dig deeper and find out what you need to do to throw caution to the wind and discover more about you and help set you on the path of discovery, allowing you to trust yourself and that voice inside of you! It is calling you to take a risk and find out who you are. To become you! Your most authentic self. My mother always said, “Nothing beats a failure, but a try! And why not try!

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Michelle Hardy is a successful coach and entrepreneur who finds great joy in helping others discover their authentic selves and their true purpose in life. In each person that she encounters, she helps them draw on that potential. She believes that we are all keepers of one another and that we should reach out to our fellow human beings to help them get to their next level. She knows that if she could succeed in life that she can help others achieve success in their lives. She is a “Servant Leader/Change Agent” within the community. She utilizes a variety of traditional and non-traditional training methods to draw on their trials and tribulations as a launching pad to enhance their existing skills or build new ones. She serves as a Leader, but in a different way which is through the responsibility in growth and development of individuals and teams. Michelle is the mother of three beautiful girls ages 35, 32 and 14. She has successfully mentored and encouraged others over 30+ years.

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