Who and what is Ruby’s Daughter

Ruby’s Daughter, LLC, is a spin-off from Becoming-You, LLC. It started because someone decided that they did not like what I said in my Becoming-You blog and decided to report me on Facebook. So, out of frustration, I told my advertiser (Simply Put Slogans, LLC.) my dilemma, and I said I will not be stopped because I am Ruby’s Daughter. She said that is the name of your next blog and company to move this forward. That is why she is really my advertiser. She hears from her heart, which is her eyes. Here we are.

My mother is one of the most profound women that I know. She came up from the ashes to shine bright like her name, “Ruby.” She had me in the 1960s at the tender age of 16 years old. I can only imagine what that must have been like. My mother did not let that stop her from moving forward with her life. She forged ahead of the obstacles that she faced with strength, tenacity, will, and profound wisdom that she has passed on to me. She is not a quitter, and she has the power of ten men in her mind, body, and soul. She is what God gave me.

So, I am sure that you wonder, well, what is Ruby’s Daughter going to do for me? Ruby’s Daughter is going to help you become the most authentic you that you could become. How are we going to do that? I will be blogging about how I grew to be my most authentic self. Believe me, I am not shy, and there are no topics that we won’t be discussing. We are here to help you heal from the misguided perceptions and things that no longer serve you. Helping you to understand that you are accountable for your view and understanding of your world. Helping you to seek your truth over the perceptions of others. Pleasing you first and foremost, and being okay with you.

We will be inviting you to discuss them with us via blog, podcast (coming soon), and who knows, we may even have some in-person interviews (of course, we practice social distancing unless you live here with me). We have authentic supporting products such as our signature oils, “Ruby’s Daughter Everything Butter,” sages, jewelry, tee shirts, and more to help you. We will be offering digital courses and so much more. Well, you can take a look for yourself because the link is attached. I am excited about this journey into a new phase of life. I hope that you are excited as well about your destiny and brand new you on the horizon. And remember we are in this together.


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Michelle Hardy is a successful coach and entrepreneur who finds great joy in helping others discover their authentic selves and their true purpose in life. In each person that she encounters, she helps them draw on that potential. She believes that we are all keepers of one another and that we should reach out to our fellow human beings to help them get to their next level. She knows that if she could succeed in life that she can help others achieve success in their lives. She is a “Servant Leader/Change Agent” within the community. She utilizes a variety of traditional and non-traditional training methods to draw on their trials and tribulations as a launching pad to enhance their existing skills or build new ones. She serves as a Leader, but in a different way which is through the responsibility in growth and development of individuals and teams. Michelle is the mother of three beautiful girls ages 35, 32 and 14. She has successfully mentored and encouraged others over 30+ years.

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